What Are The Responsibilities of Parents and Children In A Christian Family?

What Are The Responsibilities of Parents and Children In A Christian Family? Watch This Episode on YouTube


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What Are The Responsibilities of Parents and Children In A Christian Family? Watch this episode on Vimeo

What Are The Responsibilities of Parents and Children In A Christian Family?

Today on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Josh Philpot shares that Ephesians 6 speaks about the responsibilities of children and parents in the Christian family. The instructions given in this passage are counter-cultural for today. Most do not see the importance of bringing up children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, let alone understand why it is that children are to honor their father and mother. As Christians, however, we ought to have a proper biblical understanding of Ephesians 6. It is a serious and sobering responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. What happens when we don’t do this is a breakdown in our families. Does this have an effect on society in any way? Or is it only our immediate family relationship that suffers? Dr. Philpot asks Dr. Richard Caldwell what might the spiritual and moral effects be on our churches and the culture if Christian families do not take their responsibilities seriously.

Dr. Caldwell states that the only hope for a culture like ours is the Church. The breakdown we are witnessing in society results from the breakdown of the family. It’s devastating to us as a nation, but it is not only happening here in the U.S.; we see it taking place worldwide. He says this is judgment for sin. To reject Ephesians 6 and the order that is expressed there is sin. As Christian families, we have to take the responsibilities imparted to us there seriously. We are to make God’s truth known for the matter of life and breath that it is. This means we are to verbally and visibly demonstrate God's Word in our families, homes, churches, and in our societies.

Children have to be taught to honor and obey their parents. They do not grow up naturally learning these things. They need to be taught in a way that they are encouraged and not exasperated. The ultimate hope for this being established is by and through salvation. Dr. Caldwell helps us to see and understand this through the message of repentance that John the Baptist is given for the nation of Israel in Luke 1:1-17. What ultimately is needed, he shares, for a nation to reflect these things is an awakening, an outpouring of salvation. When this happens, societies are healthier; churches are stronger and more vibrant, and you will see families reflecting the work of the Lord in their hearts.

So how is what we see happening in society, the culture, and the world, judgment for sin? Dr. Caldwell explains that God promises blessings for obedience and devastating effects when there is disobedience. Where there is disobedience of God’s laws, we see the outworking of it in disorder, disruption, and destruction in the realm of the family, therefore, in the culture. We are seeing the devastating effects of sin, which are the results that God promised would occur for breaking His laws. This is God’s judgment. The results we see in our culture come from the hand of God. God is judging humanity as it rebels against Him.

So then, is the family unit, sometimes called the nucleus or nuclear family, the center of all society? And if the family breaks down, it affects the churches, and then, the broader culture, and then the broader culture breaks down also? Dr. Caldwell says there is no doubt that when the family breaks down, it affects everything. When we see things like abuse, sexual abuse, violence, rising crime, etc., it can all be traced back to the nucleus of the culture, which is the family. When family life breaks down, culture will eventually reflect and demonstrate that. We will see disorder and chaos in every realm. This is the direct result of disobedience to God and the order He set in place as our Creator concerning the family.

What culture sets up and portrays as beautiful are things that are contrary to God’s designs and purposes that are beautiful. What God has given that is full of beauty, society takes and twists and distorts in counterfeit ways. It holds up a mockery of God’s design by calling something beautiful that isn’t. They deny the true beauty of the kind of order that's found in Scripture as our God tells us how He made us to function.

Paul tells Timothy, “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.”. We want to be families where the truth of Scripture is lived out in both word and deed. Are we doing this? Are we seeking to honor and obey God in the roles He assigned us?

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