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What Is A Word-Centered Church? Watch this episode on Vimeo

What Is A Word-Centered Church?

Dr. Philpot states that, at Founders Baptist Church, we seek to be in all things and in every ministry we have, a word-centered church. Being a church that is word-centered finds its basis on a text of Scripture like that of 1 Timothy 3:15, which Dr. Philpot shares. But practically, what does this mean, and what does it look like in the body of Christ? How does the Church uphold the truth based on the analogy given in this text? Listen in this week to the Straight Truth Podcast as Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot talk about what it means to be a word-centered church. They remind us that the Church belongs to God. Therefore, it is God's Word we must use to guide and direct our thinking and understanding of it, for living it out from the pulpit down to every ministry that occurs within an entire congregation.

Dr. Caldwell reads and shares 1 Timothy 3:14-15. From this, he wants us to take note of a couple of things. First, Paul writes and tells us there is a way that one ought to conduct himself in God’s household. Second, Paul writes to Timothy so that he will know how he ought to do that, and by way of extension, we would also know this. There is a way that the Lord wants His Church to operate, function, run, grow, and all the rest. But we cannot know these things by instinct, looking inward or looking outward at what seems to be working. The only way we know these things is by what has been written and given to us in God’s Holy Word. That, says Dr. Caldwell is why we are a word-centered church.

It’s because it is the Lord’s Church, not ours. God has not left it up to us to determine how it ought to be done. So then, what governs all that we do as a church, is what God has revealed in His Word. Dr. Caldwell takes time to explain some of those things the Scriptures set forth that the Church is to do. The list includes gathering together, worshipping in song, exhorting each other, loving each other, forgiving each other, how to confront sin in one another, and how we are to respond to those who won’t respond when confronted with their sin. He tells us that Founders Baptist Church looks at what the New Testament emphasizes, what it gives the Church to do, and that is what they pursue.

Dr. Caldwell explains that the Church, as the pillar and buttress of the truth, displays the glory of God, and it upholds the truth in the world. We do that through preaching and teaching the Word of God and by our practicing the Word of God. Scriptures truths are declared through preaching and teaching, song, the ordinances, and how we go about living our lives practicing the truth. We are to be both corporately and individually truth displayers and truth defenders. In these ways, our God is glorified.

Dr. Philpot and Dr. Caldwell also discuss how there's a kind of safety for the church built into being centered on the Word of God. The church won't get confused and go off-track, forgetting why it exists and what it's intended to do. Being a church centered on the Word of God, we know that our core principle, the defining aspect of all we do, is to glorify God. We are governed by what God has revealed, making for a stable, mature, healthy church. In this way, we are not living in the realm of our own opinions, ideas, and creativity.

Dr. Philpot sees expository preaching as a God-glorifying example of this. No one has to rely on their own creativity and ingenuity to conjure up illustrations, talks, and stories every week. Just preach the word, verse by verse. It is part of what builds up the body.

Dr. Caldwell tells us we will never improve on what God has revealed. We will never improve upon what God’s Word says. He says we need to be smart enough to know that we are not smart and wise enough to know that we are not wise. We need to trust what God has revealed and strive to obey it. Dr. Caldwell says this is what is done ongoingly at Founders Baptist Church, and God has blessed it.

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