When Facing Serious Marital Issues, is divorce an option?

"When Facing Serious Marital Issues, is divorce an option?" | Watch This Episode on YouTube


"When Facing Serious Marital Issues, is divorce an option? " | Watch this episode on Vimeo

When Facing Serious Marital Issues, is divorce an option?

In this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Josh Philpot and Dr. Richard Caldwell tackle the sensitive topic of divorce in Christian marriages. Dr. Philpot begins by acknowledging that all marriages experience difficulties. Couples argue over seemingly insignificant things and grapple with feelings of drifting apart. They might even question if they married the wrong person altogether. Dr. Caldwell responds by emphasizing that the Bible never condones such thinking. Instead, Scripture calls Christians to live out their faith at home and rely on God's word during challenging times.

Dr. Philpot then shifts the conversation to the concept of love in marriage. He observes that the initial feelings of intense love may fade over time. However, Dr. Caldwell clarifies that true biblical love is a commitment, not a fleeting emotion. Rooted in sacrifice and devotion, this love is a command from God, not something dependent on our ever-changing feelings.

Next, Dr. Caldwell dives deeper into the concept of marriage, highlighting its significance as a covenant relationship between a husband and wife, witnessed by God himself. This covenant represents a lifelong commitment, obligating spouses to remain together through both joys and hardships. He challenges listeners to examine their own understanding of love, questioning if it aligns more with cultural trends or with the biblical perspective.

Dr. Philpot then steers the conversation towards the possibility of divorce within a Christian marriage. There's a common misconception that the Bible forbids divorce entirely. Dr. Caldwell clarifies this point, explaining that while God's ideal design for marriage is a lifelong union between one man and one woman, there are indeed biblical exceptions for divorce. However, he emphasizes that temporary feelings of unhappiness or disagreements with your spouse are not considered such exceptions. Dr. Caldwell sheds light on adultery and abandonment as reasons for divorce permitted by the Bible, but underscores the importance of pursuing forgiveness and reconciliation whenever possible.

The episode concludes with Dr. Caldwell offering guidance to those contemplating divorce due to serious marital issues. He urges them to seek wisdom from God's word. Divorce is a weighty decision that should never be taken lightly, and reconciliation should always be the primary objective. Dr. Caldwell reminds listeners that the ultimate standard for marriage is not found in cultural trends, but in the unwavering commitment we make to God and to our spouse.

For Further Study

Dr. Caldwell encourages listeners to explore his sermon series on marriage, divorce, and remarriage available on the SermonAudio website. These resources provide in-depth exploration of these complex topics and offer a biblical perspective on building a strong and lasting marriage.

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