Why Are There So Many Denominations? (Season 1 Episode 4)

Why Are There So Many Denominations? There are countless denominations in Christianity – why so many? Which denomination should we align ourselves with? What are we to look for in a church with regards to its denomination?

In this podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and special guest Dr. Ken Ramey suggest that the real issue is not whether a church is of a particular denomination, but whether it believes the Bible and functions according to Scriptural principles. What the church believes about the Gospel, the sacraments, and church discipline are of primary importance.

But why so many denominational distinctions? Dr. Caldwell and Dr. Ramey acknowledge that believers who love God and believe the Bible differ on some secondary issues. This is the result of our imperfect, unglorified minds trying to grasp the truths of God’s Word. So how should we go about finding and choosing a church to be a part of?  This question and others are addressed in this brief podcast, as Dr. Richard Caldwell and Dr. Ken Ramey take us to God’s Word.

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