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Why Does God Allow Suffering? (Season 4 Episode 32)

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, the best Christian podcast on the web, we ask the question: Why Does God Allow Suffering?

How can we come to grips with suffering? Can’t an all-powerful God prevent suffering? What possible purpose does suffering have? Why do believers continue to suffer?

In this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell reminds us that we are living in a world affected by the fall and sin, which means that we will all, on some level, experience sorrow, pain, heartache, and death. These are common kinds of suffering that everyone will face in this world, both the saved and the lost. This is the truth the Bible presents about the world in which we live.

Pastor Caldwell further discusses that most New Testament references to suffering have to do with believers experiencing persecution.  Persecution in the New Testament is considered a privilege. This kind of suffering is not the common kind that all people face. As believers, we need to understand that it’s a privilege to suffer along with Christ – to suffer, not because of sin, but for righteousness’ sake. If we are persecuted as a result of living godly lives in accordance with the truth of God’s Word, it is commendable.

The Suffering of Job

The discussion also touches on the suffering of Job. Pastor Caldwell reminds us that the book of Job helps us recognize that we are not able to see the big picture as God does.  Job was unable to fully understand the purposes and reasons for his sufferings; yet, in Job’s pain and suffering, he fell to the ground and worshiped saying, “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away.” Job rightly knew that God had both given and taken away within His sovereign plans and purposes, even though it brought great pain and struggles to Job. 

Pastor Caldwell further explains that we will not be able to process suffering rightly until God’s glory is our chief interest. Our delight must be in existing for God’s glory and believing all His promises concerning our future and eternity. Our suffering here must be thought of in terms of God’s revealed truth. Even though we can’t know all the reasons, we can rest in the knowledge that there is a reason, there is a purpose, and that God will comfort us in and through our sufferings. We are to take that knowledge and comfort that He gives and comfort others with the same.

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  1. I've enjoyed the reading of " Why God Allows Suffering". We have asked this very question thousands of time. Even Believers ask this very question; nevertheless; we can't complain as we've read Jesus suffered the sins of the world. As Believers, what makes us think that we can live a carefree life without suffering? If Jesus suffered for our sake, then why would we think that we won't gave to?
  2. I found this page in the Bible app while doing the study of "how to deal with suffering" I've had many years of suffering with fibromyalgia. Last year 2019 in February I found something that has helped me. Now I'm able to focus on the Word of God, I'm not on a walker anymore and I'm going to be the 100% of a person I used to be in 2020. My desire is to share this bible study on my Facebook page. Thank You for all you do. Love from @wenrella ⭕️❌✌🏽️

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